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Working alongside clients is one of our fundamental principles

Tool-making department

Since we manufacture the tools that will produce the parts and provide maintenance service for them we can achieve optimal performance throughout the useful life of the tool. We have all the necessary machinery and human resources it requires.

We are also founding members of the Catalan Association of Tool and Mould Manufacturers (ASCAMM).

We develop tools (die and tooling) required to manufacture the products with total guarantee, seeking to optimise the bandwidth to use the minimum material necessary, thus reducing the cost of the piece.

From the initial process and product designs in 3D software and/or a prototype, the progressive tools are designed and manufactured in order to obtain the required result with minimum tolerances (SPC).

We have an internal die and tool maintenance service to achieve optimal performance and operation throughout the useful life of the tool.

We work with two different types of tool:


This is a mechanical operation using a single tool that can include different elements of progression for the transformation of a part. Our expertise allows us to design tools that add phases such as threading or rivets inside.


Transfer tools provide a set of tools and stations for operations to be performed. Recommended for lower tooling costs.