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We provide comprehensive service for the manufacture of metallic parts.

manufacturing department

At JFM we cover the entire manufacturing process of parts to encompass the entire value chain. From the creation of the dies to the manufacture and finishing of the product.

Our productive capacity is divided into three main blocks:


Manufacture of parts

The process used to manufacture the part using two possible technologies as required:

  • Cold pressing of sheet metal using transfer or progressive dies.
  • Pipe bending in bend dies or in pipe bending machines.

Surface finishing of parts according to:

  • Workpieces without sharp edges, trimmings or burrs.
    • We use dry and liquid vibrating lines and a subsequent drying phase.
    • We use different elements including planetary gearsets, balls, and prisms made of ceramic, stone, and maizol, among others.
  • We degrease through a drying process using vibrating lines or other means including ultrasound, air, shake and pressure washing. We are experts in cleaning processes and certified according to VDA 19.1.
  • Heat treatment (hardening, tempering, etc.) or surface treatment of the part (cataphoresis, powder coating, zinc plating, tin plating, chrome plating, anodising, etc.).

Additional phases, assembly or controls:

We offer processes to add an element to the part, either another part or a standardised element such as nuts, screws or rivets.

  • Die or manual threading
  • Die or manual riveting
  • Spot welding, protrusions, etc.
  • Insert drills

We have component assembly lines to deliver the finished product to our clients.

For parts that require it, we provide a selection phase with 100% artificial or visual vision.


Within our manufacturing chain we work with certified suppliers approved by our rigorous quality control.


We can deliver the product in bulk or in trays made of different materials (e.g. ESD plastic or other), in a cardboard or plastic box, or others according to clients’ specifications.


To our clients we are partners, not vendors.

We strive to be part of their value chain.