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What we do

Matrices y Moldes JFM specializes in the construction of tools and cold stamping of metals. We work in a wide range of sectors: automotive, consumer electronics, construction, air conditioning, packaging, leather goods, naval and railway, among others.

We develop our products alongside our clients, which allows us to provide an excellent price-quality-service ratio, always striving to meet their needs. We operate internationally with up to 55% of our sales exported abroad.

We strive to provide a comprehensive service to our clients, not only by delivering a product but by providing complete custom solutions and expertise.

product categories

customized innovation

Consultancy Service

Our extensive experience in stamping processes allows us to advise our clients on proper geometry planning in the product design phase to guarantee the correct tool life and viability of the product, seeking an optimal balance between quality and investment.

Prototype manufacturing

At JFM we know how important it is for our clients to manufacture a suitable concept design of the product that fits their wishes. We offer an expert quality service for the manufacture of prototypes, both small volume and one-off parts by soft tooling or laser cutting.

Mass production

We specialise in small, medium and large scale manufacturing, depending on the annual demand for the part, and can adapt to the manufacturing batches that best suit the needs of our clients according to the project’s requirements at any given time.

Technological capacity

With our means of production and ongoing technology updates we can deliver personalized and timely solutions to meet our clients’ needs, by manufacturing workpieces in a range of options in terms of thickness, material, and finish.

Our stamping facilities are outfitted with presses, accessory equipment, and up to 400 ton automatic stamping power. We also have tube bending lines, a range of welding machines (spot and projection, among others), threading machines (tool head and backward feeding), radial and impact riveting machines, and vibratory finishing lines to remove burrs and edges.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to create parts of varying thicknesses, from 0.20 mm to 5 mm, depending on the size, geometry, and strip width of up to 500 mm.

We handle a wide range of materials and their alloys, including but not limited to iron, high-strength steels, spring steels, stainless steels, brass, copper, aluminium, and others.

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About us

We are a family business with more than 65 years of experience in the metal stamping industry.

Our facilities

Our facilities of over 3.800 m2 are located in Sant Vicenç dels Horts, in the industrial park of “Les Fallulles” a few minutes from the city of Barcelona.

The JFM Team

Our people are our greatest asset.

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